Slankamania Supplements was founded by IFBB Pro Seth Shaw. 

Seth has been an athlete his whole life. As a former US Air Force Air National Guardsman for 11 years, he’s been in the gym since 2008 and a competitive bodybuilder since 2010. Training has transformed Seth mentally and physically. He’s compiled the years of information he’s acquired to create Slankamania Supplements, geared towards anyone looking to maximize their potential. With Slankamania Supplements, not only will you perform your best, but you’ll develop a newfound confidence in your strength and abilities.  

Slankamania Supplements sources its ingredients from some of the most reputable suppliers in the country. Each product is crafted with careful consideration of ingredients, flavors, purity, and dosage effectiveness. Every label is fully transparent, so customers know exactly what they’re consuming. 

Seth aspires to advance others in their own fitness journeys. He’s committed to providing the highest-quality products that’ll benefit both new and seasoned lifters, because it’s never too early or late to get Huge and Cute. 

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Seth Shaw    

Contest History
    • 2010 CARDINAL CLASSIC - Novice Heavyweight 1st place
    • 2010 NPC NATURAL OHIO - Junior Class 10th place
    • 2010 OHIO NATURAL BODYBUILDING FEDERATION Class: Light Heavyweight, Junior Class, Novice 2nd Light Heavyweight, 1st Junior Class, 1st Novice Class
    • 2012 NATURAL PITTSBURGH - Light Heavyweight 3rd & Best Posing Award
    • 2012 OHIO NATURAL BODYBUILDING FEDERATION -  1st place Overall Men’s Physique 1st place Junior Class, 2nd Place Light Heavyweight
    • 2012 TRI-STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS - Light Heavyweight 1st place
    • 2012 BUCKEYE CLASSIC -  Light Heavyweight 1st Place
    • 2013 NPC OHIO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS - Super Heavyweight 4th Place
    • 2014 INFINITY FIT CHAMPIONSHIPS - Super Heavyweight 1st Place and Overall
    • 2014 NPC OHIO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS - Super Heavyweight 3rd Place
    • 2016 PITTSBURGH CHAMPIONSHIPS - Super Heavyweight 1st Place
    • 2016 JUNIOR USAS - Super Heavyweight 2nd Place
    • 2017 IFBB North Americans Super Heavyweight 1st Place and Overall Pro Card
    • 2018 IFBB Chicago Pro Mens Open 9th Place
    • 2020 IFBB Tampa Pro Mens Open 12th Place
    • 2021 IFBB Chicago Pro Mens Open 14th Place
  • contact me @ sethshaw31@gmail.com or slankamania31@gmail.com