My Offseason Nutrition Training Day Plan

Typically in the offseason my meal plan will look something like this...I get up to around 290-300lbs

Everyone is different so don't try and copy this because my plan might not be enough food or it might put you in such a surplus you'll just get fat. 

Meal 1

3 whole eggs

1 scoop whey isolate

100 carbs from bagels with jelly

Meal 2 and Meal 3

6-8oz 93/7 Turkey or lean steak

50-75 carbs from rice or potatoes

Meal 4 Pre workout meal

2 scoops whey isolate

100 carbs from cream of rice

Intra Workout

100 carbs

Meal 5 post workout

Out to eat

Typically McDonald's Wendy's or a Greek Restaurant

Before bed

1 Scoop whey Isolate

Almond butter